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There are SGI members living in 192 countries and territories while there are 90 locally registered constituent SGI organizations. For a map giving approximate membership statistics click here.


Each SGI organization upholds the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism which originated in Japan, and functions based on the same objectives and principles as the Soka Gakkai in Japan. Each member organization, however, supports itself and is independently operated.


The Executive Board of SGI consists of representative members from different countries and holds meetings regularly.

In 1995, the SGI Executive Board adopted the SGI Charter, which states the purposes and principles of the Soka Gakkai International and the organization's aim to contribute to peace, culture and education based on the philosophy and ideals of Nichiren Buddhism.

SGI USA is an amazing blend of diversity from race to gender to life experience to recovery to youth and golden year citizens and every thing in between.  From the first Japanese war brides who brought this practice with them as they married US service men, from the many international artists to the secretaries, bankers members who make up our ranks, we all share a common humanity.  One that we feel has an important message of openness and inclusion. 




The World Tribune, a weekly newspaper published by the SGI-USA features organizational and world news, experiences by SGI members and a variety of articles relating to Buddhist principles.

SGI-USA Publications Online

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Study and Publications: Subscribe Online

The FNCC is located on 125 acres of restored wetlands surrounding Toda Lake. Here amid the Live Oak trees and Sabal Palms native to the Florida landscape, discussions on Buddhism, philosophy and everyday life take place in a relaxing atmosphere.

Members' Resources: Florida Nature and Culture Center


The Youth Division 


"The Victory of the youth division of the SGI-USA signifies the victory of the youth division throughout the world"... Daisaku Ikeda, President, Soka Gakkai International

Visit us at: Youth Division Website



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